Implementation of Measures

1.Measures to Revitalize Shareholders' Meetings and Facilitate Voting

Early Notification of General Meetings of Shareholders Our company’s record date is December 31, as stipulated in our articles of incorporation. In accordance with laws and ordinances, announcements of the electronic provision of the “Notice of Convocation of the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders” and the convocation notice will be sent after a certain period of time has been secured for financial settlements to be processed and the associated accounting audits to be carried out. In addition, we will endeavor to announce the measures for electronic provision and to send out the convocation notice as soon as possible.
Electronic Voting Facilities Our company has adopted an online voting system that enables investors to exercise their voting rights via the Internet, smartphone or cellular phone.
Measures Including Platform for Electronic Exercising of Voting Rights to Improve Voting by Institutional Investors Our company has introduced an Electronic Voting Platform called the Tosho Platform for institutional investors to vote electronically.
Provision of an English summary of the Convocation Notice of the General Meeting of Shareholders In the interest of creating an active shareholders' meeting and to facilitate voting, an English version of the convocation notice will be made available.
Others Both the English and Japanese versions have been posted on our company's web site.
The URL of our company's website regarding the "Shareholders Meetings" is as follows:
(Japanese Website)
(English Website)

In addition, by providing live streaming of general shareholder meetings (hybrid-participation virtual general shareholder meetings), shareholders who are unable to attend the meetings are able to view them from their homes.

2.IR Activities

  Supplementary explanation Explanation in Person by Representative
Establishment and Announcement of Disclosure Policy Respecting the principles of the "Fair Disclosure Rules" set forth in the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, our company has established and posted the disclosure policy on its website for the purpose of enriching communication, and maintaining and improving relationships of mutual trust, through timely and appropriate disclosure of fair and highly transparent information, as well as through dialogue with stakeholders including shareholders and investors.

Our company’s Disclosure Policy is available on our websites:
(Japanese website)
(English website)
Regular Meeting for Private Investors ・Our company participate in meetings held by securities firms and reports our business operations and achievements to private investors No
Regular IR Meetings for Financial Analysts and Institutional Investors
  • Financial results briefing
    • Every six months, on the day of the announcement of the company’s yearly and half-yearly financial results, we hold a financial results briefing where the President, Executive Vice Presidents and other executives explains the details of the results and answers questions.
    • When the financial results for the first and third quarters are settled, the staff in charge of IR explains the details and respond to questions via conference call, etc.
    • The contents of and main questions and answers at the above quarterly Results Meetings are posted on our website. On-demand videos of the annual and semi-annual financial results briefing are also available in English as well as Japanese audio.
      (Japanese website)
      (English website)
  • Small meeting and IR conferences sponsored by securities firms
    • A small meeting between analysts/institutional investors and our President and other executives is held as appropriate.

      【Results of small meetings held in fiscal 2022】
      We held one small meeting with Representative Director President as speaker on March 11, 2022. In addition, four small meetings hosted by securities firms were held in FY2022 with Chief Managing Officer, our IR representative, as speaker.
    • We will also actively participate in conferences sponsored by securities firms, viewing them primarily as opportunities to meet with foreign investment householders.
  • Investor Day “IR-Day”
    • Business briefings and investor days (IR Day) are held as appropriate for analysts and institutional investment investors, where Representative Director President and each executive officer explain the Company's initiatives by business and other themes.

      【Results of IR-Day held in fiscal 2022】
      Last IR-Day was held on September 15, 2022 on such topics as the progress of the Business plan, growth strategies for core businesses, strategies to enhance domestic businesses in Japan, efforts to improve capital efficiency, and promotion of sustainability management.
    • Materials for IR Day and other briefings related to our management policy and business strategy are available on our website under "Business Plan and Corporate Strategy & IR Meetings".
      (Japanese website)
      (English website)
Regular IR Meetings for Overseas Investors
  • In addition, the President / Representative Director and the Director responsible for IR will hold regular meetings with overseas investors via conference call and participate in conferences hosted by securities companies. In addition to travel to overseas investors and in-person interviews, we also proactively conduct interviews via teleconference and web conferencing.
Posting of IR Materials on NIPPON EXPRESS HOLDINGS Website Integrated Report, Earnings Report, Earnings Presentation Materials, Main Questions and Answers at Earnings Presentations, Securities Report, Business Plan, Reports, IR Calendar, Sustainability Date Book, and Monthly Report are posted on our company's website, “Investors.”
(Japanese website)
(English website)

Our company also has a website for private investors which exhibits shareholder returns, our business development, our strengths and goals.
(Japanese website)

Person or Division in Charge of IR The Investor Relations Promotion Group has been established within the Corporate Planning Division and the Director in charge of the Corporate Planning Division manages IR activities. -
Others In order to allow investors to gain a better understanding of our business, we will also hold occasional tours of facilities such as the business locations of Nippon Express Co., Ltd, our main operating company, and the business locations of our overseas companies, taking into account the situation regarding infectious diseases, requests, and necessity. -

3.Initiatives Relating to Respect for Shareholders' Positions

Internal Guidelines for Respecting Shareholders' Positions
  • Our entire company group has incorporated “contributing to society through logistics” into our corporate philosophy. Policies and activities to respect our stakeholders and establish good relationships with them are stipulated in our group Charter of Conduct and group compliance regulations.
  • And, based on our Corporate Philosophy, our Corporate Message and the commitment to “Safety, Compliance and Quality” written in our Charter of conduct, our company outlined our initiative to collaborate with stakeholders in our “Long-Term Vision,” which visualizes the position our group wishes to achieve in 2037-- 100-year anniversary of our group founding. We clearly state that we will achieve business growth by working together with all stakeholders including “customers and the general public,” “shareholders” and “employees.”
  • Based on the above, we have established the NX Group Sustainability Policy and NX Group Sustainability Vision as our basic approach to sustainability and the vision of what we should aim for.
    Our approach to sustainability can be found in “Sustainability” on our website:
    (Japanese website)
    (English website)
Implementation of Environmental Protection Activities, CSR Activities, etc.
  • Promotion of Sustainability Management
    • Our company recognizes that in order to achieve sustainable growth and increase corporate value, it is essential to appropriately address issues relating to sustainability and promote ESG management that takes into consideration the environment, society, and governance. Our board recognizes these efforts as an important risk management issue, and our executive board consistently takes up this matter as an agenda topic.
    • In addition to establishing the Sustainability Promotion Division as the department responsible for implementing specific measures to address key sustainability policies and issues (materialities), we have also established the Sustainability Promotion Committee to hold cross-divisional discussions on the topic.
    • In January 2023, we drew up the NX Group Sustainability Policy and Vision to conduct sustainability management as a unified group. This policy and vision set forth the three values of “economic value,” “environmental value,” and “social value,” and through our business operations, we aim to realize a sustainable society, including the development of logistics services that contribute to creating such a society. Going forward, we will synthesize this policy and vision into a sustainability story, disseminate it inside and outside the company, and work together with our shareholders, investors, and other stakeholders to realize a sustainable society.
    • Important matters, such as the formulation and review of sustainability policies, are discussed by the Sustainability Promotion Committee, which submits them to the Board of Directors for approval, and the implementation status of various measures is timely reported to the board.
  • Implementation of Environmental Protection Activities
    • Our company practices environmental management, establishing in the "NX Group Environmental Charter" a basic philosophy of the NX Group that the Group actively contributes to the environmental conservation by being aware of its social and public mission as a corporate as well as through practicing environmental management as a "good corporate citizen."
    • We believe that solving environmental issues is an essential task for realizing a sustainable society and is one of the most important issues for our group. In the "E: Environment" section of our management plan, "Establishing ESG-oriented Business Management to Realize Sustainable Development and Improve Corporate Value," the key theme is to "Commitment to reducing CO2 emissions as a logistics company," and in our efforts to address Materiality based on this theme, we are also promoting “Initiatives to Address Climate Change” as part of its efforts to address materiality.
    • In January 2023, the NX Group set new medium- and long-term targets to contribute to the realization of a carbon-neutral society by 2050, the goal set by the Japanese government. Going forward, our group as a whole is promoting initiatives for the years 2030 and 2050.
    • Specifically, we endorsed the TCFD in May 2022, conducted scenario analysis and risk/opportunity identification, and evaluated business impact qualitatively and partially quantitatively, which was disclosed in the Integrated Report issued in June of that year. We will conduct disclosure through our Integrated Report and other channels, in accordance with the TCFD framework.
    • We, taking the reduction of CO2 emissions as an opportunity to contribute to customers, are engaging in various initiatives, such as proposals for transportation with reduced environmental impact using the CO2 visualization tools such as One Stop Navi and EcoTrans Navi, promotion of modal shifts and joint logistics, introduction of EVs and other low environmental impact vehicles, and promotion of the use of alternative fuels such as SAF and biofuels. We will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society through these business activities.
    • We engage in waste reduction with long-term targets. In Nippon Express Co., Ltd, our company’s main subsidiary, we formulated long-term targets, to "reduce industrial waste per unit of sales by 1% annually through fiscal 2030” and will work on work on the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) and other initiatives. to achieve them.
  • Compliance promotion system
    • Our company has established systems to promote compliance management by establishing Compliance-Risk Management Division in the Risk Management Headquarters and compliance committee to promote sensible business activities. We will promote the establishment of a system to promote compliance management as an integrated group.
    • We publish the Integrated Report and the Sustainability Databook in order to report the NX Group's policies and activities concerning Sustainability to the stakeholders in a clear and easy-to-understand manner.
      The website of “Investors”:
      (Japanese website)
      (English website)
Establishment of Policy on Providing Information to Stakeholders

Our Company has established a disclosure policy on its approach to timely and appropriate disclosure of fair and highly transparent information, and will disclose information accordingly.

The disclosure policy is disclosed on our website.
(Japanese website)
(English website)

  • Initiatives for Safety and Health
    • Ensuring safety and health in the working environment allow our group employees to work in confidence. Also, traffic safety and work safety are social responsibilities we must enforce when we operate logistics business. These are also the sources of the strength of our company’s service. Therefore, we place great importance upon these.

    <NX Group Safety Philosophy>
    “Safety takes precedence over everything else”
    Ensuring safety is the foundation of management and is a corporate social responsibility.
    <NX Group Health Philosophy>
    “Fill workplace with health and smiles”
    Health is the wish of everyone and provides vitality for the company and its employees to continue to grow.

    • And in order to enhance the safety awareness of our entire group, our company established a “Commitment to Safety” to express our determination toward the prevention of accidents and disasters. In addition, each fiscal year, we set safety-related targets and initiatives, and promotes them in a unified manner.
    • In the area of health, we have made the "NX Group Health Declaration" as a priority initiative to promote health management, and are promoting various initiatives by creating a health management map showing management issues and measures to be solved through health management at each group company, and by building a health management promotion system.
    • Information regarding our safety and health initiatives is available in our company’s Sustainability Data Book, Integrated Report and on our website.

    NX Group Sustainability Databook Website:
    (Japanese website)
    (English website)

    NX Group Integrated Report and Annual Report Website:
    (Japanese website)
    (English website)

  • Initiatives for Promoting Diversity
    • In order to promote diversity management, we took over the efforts of our main subsidiary, Nippon Express Co., Ltd, based on the "NX Group Diversity Promotion Policy".

    [NX Group “Basic Policy on Diversity Promotion”]

    • By promoting diversity and creating an environment where all employees respect each other's diversity and maximize the power of each employee, we will realize "self-growth and self-fulfillment for employees" and "sustainable growth and improvement of corporate value of NX Group".
      “Respect for Diversity”
      We will respect each other regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, nationality, disability, etc.

    <Nippon Express Co., Ltd.’s Initiative>

    • Nippon Express Co., Ltd. aims to achieve growth for both its employees and the Company by creating an environment where each of its diverse employees, who have various values and ideas, can maximize their abilities, have job satisfaction and pride, and thrive with a sense of happiness.
      To this end, in accordance with the NX Group Diversity Promotion Policy, we are promoting initiatives to realize the management plan while steadily implementing the four reform cycles of "awareness reform," "climate reform," "work style reform," and "behavior reform" based on the pillars of "diversity," "improvement of work styles," and "work style innovation.


    • With respect to “diversity, our efforts focus on fostering a company-wide awareness of diversity and promoting the advancement of women. In order to foster company-wide awareness, the President himself has made a top-level commitment, and each branch manager, who is the head of the organization, has expressed his determination to promote diversity as the "Branch Manager Diversity Declaration" to show the company's determination and attitude to strongly promote diversity throughout the company.
    • In addition, in order to promote understanding of diversity throughout the company, we have set necessary themes and are continuing to conduct e-learning and other training programs. Beginning in FY2022, the program is being implemented for LGBTQ.
    • To promote women's activities, we have set targets and are working on them to improve the rate of tenure of female employees (*1) and the ratio of female managers (*2).
    • In the current business plan, we have adopted a numerical target to improve the retention rate for female employees, and we are working to eliminate their anxieties and foster their career aspirations through training and seminars, particularly for those employees who are raising children. Moreover, in order to prevent female employees from leaving the company despite wishing to stay, we are also expanding frameworks for flexible working, such as the remote work system. In particular, there is an urgent need to facilitate the advancement of female employees in regional positions, and we are actively promoting initiatives such as leadership training for prospective managers and career training in which networking support is provided by women directors themselves.
    • To increase the proportion of management positions held by women, we will take effective measures in cooperation with related departments from recruitment to post-employment career support. These will be based on the principles of “increasing the number of female employees,” “creating an employment environment where everyone can work comfortably,” and “effectively training and assigning female employees.”
    • In addition to the advancement of women, we are also actively hiring experienced personnel and foreign nationals to continue our efforts to secure diversity in our core human resources.

    *1 Target for improving the retention rate for female employees: To make the rate of those who have been with the company for around eight years the same for female employees as for male employees by FY2023.
    (Results as of FY2022: 2.9 percentage points difference between the rates for male and female employees)
    *2 Target for improving the proportion of management positions held by women:
    Increase the proportion to 10% by FY 2030.
    (Results as of FY 2022: 2.0%)
    *1,2 KPI figures are for non-consolidated Nippon Express Co., Ltd.

    [Improvement of work styles]

    • With respect to “improvement of work styles,” Nippon Express Co., Ltd. has been working to realize diverse and flexible work styles, reduce the average annual overtime hours by improving productivity, and promote the use of annual paid leave. In particular, we have set a target in its business plan for the use of annual paid leave (*3), and has been taking initiatives in this regard, mainly in the form of bottom-up promotion of leave-taking at branches, which have produced some positive results.
    • In fiscal 2019, Nippon Express Co. Ltd. reformed its entire personnel system, including the HR system, wage system, and evaluation system. Specifically, in addition to adapting to laws related to work style reform, such as equal pay for equal work, mandatory annual leave, and upper limits on overtime work, we are gradually extending the retirement age and expanding eligibility for benefit and retirement plans, which will help us secure personnel, increase employee motivation, and revitalize the company.

    *3 Target for the use of annual paid leave:
    Aim to double the rate of annual paid leave use by FY2023 relative to FY2017
    (utilization rate: 50%) * This goal was achieved in FY2021, so the target was revised to 60%.(Results as of FY 2022: 57.8%)
    *3 KPI figure is for non-consolidated Nippon Express Co., Ltd.

    [Work styles innovation]

    • With regard to “work style innovation,” we believe that in order for employees to engage in their work with enthusiasm and pride, it is important to enhance not only their work but also their lifestyle. In order to achieve diverse and flexible styles of work, in FY2021, we launched three priority initiatives for work style reform (addressing with “-san,” loosening of dress codes, and promotion of remote work), and are promoting them company-wide with the aim of changing how each employee behaves.
    • In addition to the above initiatives, we conducted an Employee Satisfaction Survey in FY2022 as we did in FY2021, and analyze and provide feedback on the results, which will be used to improve employee engagement.

    For more information on Nippon Express’ efforts to promote diversity, please refer to the Sustainability Databook and Integrated Report below.

    Our Sustainability Reports are available on our websites:
    (Japanese website)
    (English website)

    NX Group Integrated Report and Annual Report Website:
    (Japanese website)
    (English website)

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