Press Release

NX China launches cross-border transport service with neighboring ASEAN countries using China-Laos railway

Nippon Express (China) Co., Ltd. (Tatsuo Sugiyama, Chairman; hereinafter, "NX China"), a Group company of Nippon Express Holdings, Inc. (Mitsuru Saito, President), on Friday, April 1 launched a new multimodal transport service linking up China and neighboring ASEAN countries via truck transport that utilizes an international railway connecting China and Laos.

[Service features]

[Background to service development]
Following the successful launch of a Nanning-Hanoi railway, a new China-Laos railway connecting Kunming and Vientiane was opened on December 3, 2021. Cross-border trucking had theretofore constituted the mainstream of ground transport connecting China and ASEAN, but Nippon Express has developed a multimodal transport service using rail transport that avoids congestion on the China-Laos border, shortens lead times and enables bulk transport by using the new connecting railway to Vientiane. Trial transport has already been carried out from Kunming to Ayutthaya, Thailand.

The NX Group will continue meeting the diversifying logistics needs of customers and creating new ideas and value that expand the field of logistics, as advocated in its Corporate Philosophy.