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Nippon Express (Taiwan) acquires bonded certification, establishes new air-conditioned space and expands functions at Tainan Warehouse

Efforts all aimed at meeting expanding semiconductor-related demand-

Nippon Express (Taiwan) Co., Ltd. (Masaru Kawamoto, Chairman; hereafter, "NX Taiwan"), a Group company of Nippon Express Holdings, Inc. (Mitsuru Saito, President), this past February became the first Japanese logistics company to obtain bonded certification for its own operational warehouse in Tainan City in southern Taiwan, and on July 11 it established a new air-conditioned space to meet growing demand for semiconductors.

Demand for semiconductors has expanded due to the rapid adoption of remote work driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, and a serious shortage of in-vehicle semiconductors in Taiwan, a major semiconductor supplier for the entire world, has prompted customers in semiconductor-related industries as well as other companies to expand their factories.

The Tainan Warehouse is located about 7km from the Tainan Science Park (part of the Southern Taiwan Science Park), home to numerous semiconductor-related companies, including the world's leading foundry companies, and offers temperature-/humidity-controlled storage and management of semiconductor production materials, manufacturing equipment maintenance parts and other products requiring high-quality storage. The ILC* bonded license acquired in February this year also allows this warehouse to be used for non-resident inventory storage and import/export.

The NX Group will continue stepping up its efforts on behalf of the semiconductor industry, positioned as a priority industry in the Group's Business Plan, and expanding its logistics functions globally to help customers develop their business activities.

*ILC = International Logistics Center a comprehensive logistics center with a bonded warehouse function approved by Taiwan Customs.

[Profile of facility]

Name Tainan Warehouse, Nippon Express (Taiwan) Co.,Ltd.
Location No. 85, Yongke 1st Road, Yongkang District, Tainan City
Structure 3-story building
Total floor area 11,800m2, of which 3,900m2 is currently air conditioned (this section is to be expanded to 9,285m2 by the end of 2022)
Principal equipment/functions Raised-floor platform, 24/7 security, surveillance cameras, bonded storage, air conditioning
Business description Warehouse receiving, inspection, sorting, palletizing, storage and delivery of goods