Press Release

Nippon Express completes construction of "NX Group Integrated Locations (name tentative)

Nippon Express Co., Ltd. (Mitsuru Saito, President) has finished construction of its "NX Group Integrated Locations" (name tentative) in Kanda-Izumicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, and it marked the occasion with a completion ceremony on Thursday, September 16.

The new integrated locations of Kanda-Izumicho holds a deep and special connection for Nippon Express, whose predecessor Naikoku Express Co., Ltd., established a branch there later supplemented by facilities set up by Nippon Express as its business expanded. The Company since its founding has also had close ties with the Kintsuna Inari Shrine situated on the new Location premises, a shrine that has long been a familiar presence for local residents looking to ward off misfortune, ensure safe travel and prosper in business.

The newly completed integrated Locations will consolidate branches and Nippon Express (NX) Group companies with ground, sea, and air freight functions as well as the Head Office functions currently performed at the Shiodome Head Office Building. By eliminating the barriers between companies and departments and integrating organizations by function, Nippon Express will be pressing further toward a one-stop structure enabling it to fully exercise its comprehensive strengths and enhance its Group management capabilities.

The Company will also be using this relocation as an opportunity to undertake reforms to its work processes, working environments and work styles.

The transition to a holding company system, the introduction of an NX brand and the establishment of an "NX Integrated Locations" (name tentative) are all designed to help the NX Group realize its long-term vision of becoming "a logistics company with a strong presence in the global market" set forth in the "Nippon Express Group Management Plan 2023 - Dynamic Growth"

[Profile of Integrated Locations]

Location Kanda-Izumicho 2, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Site area 7,298.57m2
Building area 3,097.45m2
Total floor area 42,585.20m2
Structure Steel-framed seismically isolated structure with 13 floors above ground,
one below ground

[Companies to be located in the Integrated Locations]
Nippon Express Holdings, Inc., Nippon Express Co., Ltd., Nippon Shipping Co., Ltd., Nittsu Transport Co., Ltd., Nittsu NP Logistics Co., Ltd., Nittsu NEC Logistics Co., Ltd., Nittsu Real Estate Co., Ltd., Nittsu Research and Consulting, Inc., Nittsu Information Systems Co., Ltd., Nippon Express Capital Co., Ltd., Nittsu Heartful Co., Ltd., Ryukyu Logistics Co., Ltd.

[Future schedule]

October 2021 Start of sequential relocation
January 4, 2022 Grand opening