Press Release

Notification of Implementation of New Group Branding

In order to provide more advanced and higher-quality services to customers in Japan and overseas in response to the rapidly changing social environment and advancements in technological innovation, the Company (and its group companies) has decided to implement a new brand identity that consolidates the group from January 4, 2022.

This is in accordance with the transition to a holding company structure in January 2022, which is part of our efforts to strengthen the management foundation uniting our domestic and overseas groups to achieve our long-term vision of becoming "A logistics company with a strong presence in the global market".

We will use "NX," the shortened form of NIPPON EXPRESS, which is the alphabetic form of NIPPON EXPRESS and the name of our new holding company, as our group brand. The symbol will be designed using "NX" and two new group colors, fresh green and navy blue, and will be used as the core of the global branding across all group companies.

In addition, our corporate message "We Find the Way", established and developed in 2017, will be developed into the message of the new brand "NX ".

Current Nippon Express logo has been used for a long time alongside the growth of Japan's logistics industry.
The pride and responsibility that have been put into this company, the wisdom and skills that have been accumulated along with the trust that society has placed in us have all been transferred to the "NX" brand. We will continue to evolve and act as a force that supports our customers, industry, and society by mobilizing the power of each and every employee of the NX Group.
Going forward, we will continue to promote the brand "NX", making it familiar to everyone from the current name "Nittsu". Please note that there will be an overlap of old and new designs in the process of introducing the new brand.

New Group Brand Symbol

Following the launch of the Holdings (HD) structure, the following group brand symbols have been newly established as part of the group branding.
The group brand symbols will be used widely not only by HD and its core operating companies, but also by group companies in Japan and overseas as a symbol to maximize the sense of unity and value of the group.

〈Thoughts Behind the Symbol〉

〈Thoughts Behind the Design〉

New Group Colors

In line with the establishment of the new brand symbol, a combination of two colors, fresh green and navy blue, have been adopted as the new group colors.
The combination of these two colors highlights the Group's presence in the global marketplace, and at the same time, expresses the principles that the Group has always and will continue to value in our future growth.


〈Fresh Green〉

〈Navy Blue〉