Press Release

"Nippon Express Group Integrated Report 2021" released

Nippon Express Co., Ltd. (Mitsuru Saito, President), has released "Nippon Express Group Integrated Report 2021", following up on last fiscal year's inaugural edition of this report. Non-financial information omitted from the integrated report will henceforth be posted in the "Nippon Express Group CSR Databook" that has now replaced the Group's conventional CSR Report.

The Nippon Express Group Integrated Report 2021 presents an outline of the Group's approaches to ESG management, whose importance has steadily increased in view of the substantial changes taking place in global trends and social circumstances. In discussing how the Group is creating value and seeking to grow via ESG management, the Report covers value creation engines and processes, presents a message from the president, describes the Group's business plan and the progress made in implementing it, examines the material issues facing the Group and presents financial information.

Nippon Express will continue pursuing ESG management through dialogue with stakeholders to ensure it remains a presence needed and trusted by society.