Press Release

"Nippon Express Group Integrated Report 2020" Released

Nippon Express Co., Ltd. (Mitsuru Saito, President), released the Nippon Express Group's first-ever integrated report -- "Nippon Express Group Integrated Report 2020" - on August 31.


Integrated reports have become an international trend in corporate disclosure as growing importance is being attached to companies' approaches to value creation activities as a whole over a long-term timeline (integrated thinking) and to the communication processes by which this thinking can be suitably conveyed. The integrated report serves as a tool in this communication process.

The "Nippon Express Group Integrated Report 2020" introduces readers to the Group's efforts to improve corporate value and become "a logistics company with a strong presence in the global market", the long-term vision advocated for the Group as it looks ahead to its centennial anniversary in 2037. The report outlines the value creation process, illustrated schematically as a story explaining how the Group is working to help society resolve social issues through our business and how it strives to sustain its own growth, relays a message from the president, discusses business plan and the progress made in achieving them as well as the Group's ESG (environment, society, governance) efforts, and presents key financial data.

惻Integrated Report/Annual Report

Nippon Express remains committed to pursuing ESG management through dialogue with stakeholders to ensure the Group remains a needed and trusted member of society.