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Nippon Express USA relocates warehouse to Long Beach (Los Angeles)

Nippon Express USA, Inc. (Toshiro Uchida, President; hereinafter, "NE USA"), a local subsidiary of Nippon Express Co., Ltd. (Mitsuru Saito, President), has relocated its principal location for West Coast ocean cargo transport and warehousing operations from Torrance, California to Long Beach, where the new location opened for business in January 2020.

An opening ceremony was held at the new location on Tuesday, January 28.

Reflecting the robust US economy, the Port of Los Angeles area has been seeing a sharp rise across the board in warehouse demand. NE USA's previous location comprised three buildings on the same site, but the new location will use a single high-ceilinged building in the interest of greater storage and operational efficiency.

This consolidation of locations with the Nippon Express Group company Associated Global Systems, Inc., is expected to produce considerable synergy by efficiently integrating the trunk transport of cargo to/from Los Angeles.

The new site at Long Beach sits alongside the Port of Los Angeles' "Heavy Container Corridor", a roadway on which overweight container loads can be transported without special authorization. NE USA will be seeking to take advantage of this siting to step up its business efforts in the transport of large plant equipment and other heavy haulage as well as various transloading operations, and to acquire new forwarding business.

The new location will be an air-conditioned facility equipped with frozen (-20℃) and refrigerated (2℃ - 8℃) temperature control enabling storage of perishables, pharmaceuticals and other goods requiring temperature control.

NE USA remains committed to further enhancing its community-rooted logistics services worldwide to support its customers' diversifying global business operations.

[Profile of new location]

Name Nippon Express USA, Inc., Los Angeles Branch, Ocean Service Division, Logistics Service Division, Household Goods Branch
Address 1901 W. Pacific Coast Highway, Long Beach, CA 90810, USA
Warehouse area 16,570m2
Office 1,535m2