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Nippon Express enhances distribution services for import cargo arriving at Haneda Airport

NEX-FORWARDING Capital Direct and NEX-FORWARDING Haneda Rail Transport launched

Nippon Express Co., Ltd (Mitsuru Saito, President), will begin sales on Thursday, December 24 of two new import delivery services -- NEX-FORWARDING Capital Direct and NEX-FORWARDING Haneda Rail Transport - for cargo arriving at Haneda Airport from around the world.

Situated in Japan's largest consumer area of Tokyo, Haneda Airport offers a very advantageous location from which to make deliveries to the Kanto region and environs. The number of international arrival and departure slots available at Haneda Airport were also increased this past March, prompting expectations of a significant rise in international routes utilizing the airport.

Nippon Express is the only forwarder with facilities at Haneda Airport that handle both domestic and international cargo, and it added collection and delivery functions in October of this year as part of its drive to enhance its business infrastructure within Haneda Airport. These capabilities enable Nippon Express to leverage Haneda Airport's locational advantages and its own robust business infrastructure to offer these new import delivery services.

1. NEX-FORWARDING Capital Direct
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 This service offers same-day import customs clearance for cargo aboard flights arriving at Haneda Airport by 19:30 and delivers this cargo by truck to customers in the Kanto region and environs as early as the following morning.

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2. NEX-FORWARDING Haneda Rail Transport
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 This is a service unique to Nippon Express whereby cargo arriving at Haneda Airport is conveyed to a rail freight station near Haneda Airport and then delivered to locations throughout Japan by rail.

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Nippon Express will continue to provide customers with new value utilizing the convenience of Haneda Airport as well as a variety of transport modes and networks.

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