Press Release

Nippon Express launches intermodal ("Rail & Sea") transport service from Europe to Japan via Taicang, China

Sales of “NEX Ocean-Solution China Land Bridge EJ (Europe-Japan)” begin today

Nippon Express Co., Ltd. (Mitsuru Saito, President) will begin sales on Wednesday, February 19 of "NEX Ocean-Solution China Land Bridge EJ (Europe-Japan)", an intermodal ("Rail & Sea") service from Europe to Japan via Taicang, China that uses cross-border rail transport between Europe and China.


[Service details]

This intermodal service combines rail transport from Europe (Hamburg and Duisburg in Germany as well as Małaszewicze in Poland) to China (Xian) with marine transport from the Port of Taicang to major ports in Japan (Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, Osaka and Kobe). The lead time from the various railway terminals in Europe to these major Japanese ports is 26-28 days.

[Service features]

[Background to service development]

In November 2015 Nippon Express began offering a cross-border rail transport service between China and Europe as a "third transport mode" between air and marine transport and established this as a viable transport means.

An intermodal transport service from Japan to Europe via Dalian, China using China-Europe railways was launched in May 2018, and then complemented in September 2019 by a Sea & Rail intermodal transport service via Xiamen (Amoy), China. The significant interest shown by customers in this "third transport mode" has prompted Nippon Express to consider developing products for other routes, and the latest addition to its service lineup offers customers shorter lead times, lower costs and greater convenience.

To address diversifying logistics needs in future, Nippon Express will continue developing new transport products that combine a variety of modes to attain the goal of "creating new ideas and value that expand the field of logistics" advocated in its Corporate Philosophy.