Press Release

Nippon Express launches BCP-compatible Truck & Sea transport services from Thailand to Japan


Nippon Express (South Asia & Oceania) Pte. Ltd. (Shinjiro Takezoe, President), a local subsidiary of Nippon Express Co., Ltd. (Mitsuru Saito, President), on Tuesday, November 17 began sales of "NEX OCEAN-SOLUTION XROSS BORDER Direct" BCP-compatible transport services that combine truck transport with maritime transport.


[Service overview]

[Service features]

[Background to development]
Ocean cargo shipments from Southeast Asia continue to be plagued by shortages of vessel space and available containers, resulting in transport being delayed and forwarders being unable to accept cargo consignments. With cargo from Thailand being particularly impacted, these transport services were developed using cross-border trucking to secure transport routes to Japan and other countries by diversifying traffic to Port Klang and Singapore.

[Future plans]
Nippon Express will continue working on new transport products tailored to environmental changes in the South Asia & Oceania Region.

Nippon Express is committed to leveraging its comprehensive capabilities to develop new transport products that meet customers' logistics needs by combining various transport modes.