Press Release

Nippon Express' East Asia Regional General Manager presented Magnolia Award by Shanghai Municipal People's Government

Tatsuo Sugiyama, Managing Executive Officer and Regional General Manager, East Asia Region, Nippon Express Co., Ltd. (Mitsuru Saito, President), has received the Magnolia Award from the Shanghai Municipal People's Government, and was presented with a commendation certificate by the Shanghai Municipal People's Government at a presentation ceremony held at the Jing An Shangri-La, West Shanghai on Wednesday, September 16, 2020.

Presented annually since 1989, the Magnolia Award is given by the Shanghai Municipal People's Government to foreign residents of Shanghai who have helped advance friendly exchange and cooperation with the city of Shanghai and contributed to Shanghai's socioeconomic development. Five of this year's 50 recipients were Japanese.

Among the reasons cited for Mr. Sugiyama's award were Nippon Express' long years of contributing to Shanghai through its logistics business, its China-Europe rail transport services operating out of Shanghai, its scholarships and endowed courses at Shanghai Maritime University, and its provision of BCP-compatible solutions and transport/storage of masks and other medical equipment under the restrictions imposed on logistics operations during the coronavirus pandemic.

Nippon Express as a global logistics company pledges to continue contributing to society through logistics.