Group Enterprise Message

We Find the Way

Transport: We partner with our customers as they seek to create a brand-new future.
In any situation we seek out the single best way, and make it reality.
Our confidence in this intention underlies this corporate message.

Group Enterprise Message


The efforts of each member of our staff power our logistics sites. The power of a team united in spirit allows us to offer the best in distribution service. Both of these reasons stand behind our use here of the first-person plural pronoun “we”.


If current methods do not fit the situation, we will keep trying until we find a way that works. This attitude has always been, and will remain, universal with us, and thus we use “find” in the “timeless” present tense.

the Way

From the various possibilities that exist, we derive the one best way. We characterize this as “the way”, rather than as “a way”, or even “the ways”. This contains the message that we are a distribution enterprise that creates both people-to-people and business-to-business connections.

The Ideas Behind our
Group Enterprise Message

In transporting goods, no matter what the difficulty,
we do not speak of “can” or “cannot”.
All we think of is “How can we accomplish this?”
If we give up,
those who have committed themselves cannot achieve their end.
New possibilities wither.
Thus we pile preparation on preparation,
seeking out the one best solution.
Then, as we move toward implementation,
we put the finishing touches that bring perfection.
This concentration on thoroughness
allows us to face even the most difficult projects,
or projects of a sort we have not seen before,
with confidence.
To the extent that we have a philosophy,
it is one of constant on-site trial and error.
Supporting us on the job is the power of people
who are always in search of the best.
We will continue to bring creativity to bear
as we open up new areas of endeavor.
We believe that distribution is a driving force behind social prosperity.

Explanation of Terms

Thinking only of “How to get it done.”

Our job is to help our customers make their intentions a reality. We do not think about how we can or cannot accomplish an objective according to traditional ways of doing things; instead we search out about new equipment and ways of operating that will get the job done. This concept of “practical idea” is firmly rooted in our operation.

Fostering New Possibilities

Devoted to better living and the happiness it brings, we will continue to provide transport services as long as we have customers whose business is manufacturing. This is because we believe that goods only achieve their true value, and sometimes even value increased over this, when they are delivered to where they are needed. Failure to accomplish proper delivery may result in a customer losing enthusiasm for production, and losing the possibility of new achievements. Thus the credo with which we approach our customers is one of “Never give up”.

Perfection from Preparation

We undertake thorough preparation to ensure that we keep the promises we make our customers. This focus on preparation to the degree that “preparation is eighty percent”, cultivated every day over numberless on-site work situations and passed down from senior to junior staff, sustains the quality of Nippon Express service. Our customers can thus place complete confidence in us for any task we undertake, from the very first to the most complex.  

Constant Analysis

To the extent that we have a corporate philosophy, we can call it one of “constant analysis”. In every market in which we operate, be it within Japan or abroad, each and every member of our staff strives to meet the demands of our customers by utilizing trial and error and creative ingenuity on the job. Over long years this has permeated our operations to the degree that we can call it a corporate philosophy. We do not look back to a single charismatic founder; nor do we depend on formulaic expressions of absolute truth. What guides us at all times is a single-minded concentration on customer need.

Placement of
Group Enterprise Message

How does our corporate message serve the ways in which we put the values of our corporate philosophy into concrete action? Questions like this will provide a view of whether each of our individual actions align with the NX Group values we offer our customers.

Placement of Group Enterprise Message