Charter of Conduct

Based on the principles set out below, NX Group will fulfill its corporate responsibilities towards the creation of a sustainable society across its various corporate activities.

Pursuit of safety and quality

1. We will pursue customer satisfaction and trust by developing and offering socially useful, safe, and
high-quality products and services.

Sound Corporate Conduct

2. We will conduct our dealings in a manner that is reasonable, fair, transparent, and freely competitive. We will also maintain sound and proper relationships with political and administrative bodies.

Communication, Disclosure and Protection of Information

3. Along with communication with a wide range of stakeholders and responsible and fair disclosure of corporate information, we will endeavor to meet stakeholder expectations and deepen mutual understanding. We will also devote every effort to the security and management of all individual, customer, and other information.

Respect for Employees

4. While respecting the diversity, personal qualities, and individuality of our employees, we will ensure a safe and pleasant work environment, and promote the creation of a workplace that encourages job satisfaction and a sense of purpose in life.

Environmental Responsibility

5. As preservation of the natural environment is a subject of concern to all humanity, and an absolute condition for the continued existence and operation of any commercial enterprise, we will promote positive steps toward environmental management.

Contribution to International Society

6. With the globalization of our business operations we will observe the laws of every country and region in which we operate, we will respect different standards, and our operations will take place in a manner that respects cultures, customs, and stakeholder interests. We will work towards the economic and social development of each country and region in which we operate.

Social Contribution

7. As a good corporate citizen, we will undertake activities that make a positive social contribution.

Respect for Human Rights

8. In our corporate activities, we will respect human rights, and do nothing that is discriminatory or that otherwise violates these rights. We will not be associated with either under-age or forced labor.

Severance of Relations with Anti-social Forces

9. Without exception, we will firmly confront anti-social groups or organizations that threaten the order and safety of civil society.

Senior Management Responsibilities

10. The company’s senior executives recognize that it is their task to put this Charter into practice and, leading by example, to both put its tenets into practice within their companies and to promote it among our clients and other stakeholders. Also, by soliciting the opinions of those within the company and without on a daily basis, they will establish effective corporate structures, and encourage strict attention to corporate ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Resolution of Problems by Senior Management

11. If and when violations of the terms of this Charter occur, senior executives will demonstrate to persons both within and outside the company their intention to deal with said issue, and will work to determine its cause and to prevent a recurrence. They will also provide the public with prompt and accurate information and explanation, and will prepare a statement of accountability in which jurisdiction and responsibility is made clear, following which appropriate measures will be taken, their effect including if need be the executives themselves.


The NX Group establishes this “NX Group Charter of Conduct” to regulate its day-by-day activities, and to provide guidance for specific real-world actions. This and the “NX Group Corporate Philosophy” sets out the permanent long-term values of the NX Group.
This document is revised from the April 2011 Nippon Express Charter of Conduct to apply to all group companies in Japan and abroad following changes in the concepts of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as set out in such policies as ISO26000.

Adopted August 1999/Revised October 2003, April 2011, January 2022