Editorial Policy

Our CSR website "Corporate Social Responsibility" has been edited for the purpose of conveying Nippon Express Group's approach to CSR and an outline of our activities to a wide range of stakeholders.
Amid growing interest in ESG investments, the CSR website classified information according to the perspective of  E (environment), S (society), and G (governance). In particular, to improve the efficiency of information searches carried out by ESG investors, it provides a list of ESG Data and a GRI Content Index. In addition, the Group is involved in a range of communities (social contribution activities) to contribute to the resolution of community-based problems and the development of society, the details of which are provided on our CSR website.

Scope of This Report

This report covers CSR-related activities and the management structure of the Nippon Express Group (including Group affiliates in Japan and overseas). Some of the material reported applies only to Nippon Express Co., Ltd.

Reporting Period

Fiscal 2020 (April 1, 2020–March 31, 2021) (certain sections may include information prior to fiscal 2019 and up to 2021)

Reference Guidelines

  • GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards (Core option)
  • Environmental Reporting Guidelines 2018 by the Ministry of the Environment