Management Approach

Main ESG Issues

  • Addressing Climate Change
  • Recycling of Resources
  • Preventing Pollution of the Atmosphere, Soil, Etc.
  • Appropriate Use of Water
  • Preserving Ecosystems

Nippon Express Group's Approaches

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by facilitating the shift to LED, introducing eco-friendly vehicles and encouraging modal shifts and eco-driving
  • Save resources by promoting the 3Rs and increasing the number of eco-friendly products and services
  • Thoroughly prevent the cross-border movement of non-native species in compliance with relevant ordinances and treaties

Related SDGs

Management Indicators

Target: Annual CO2 emissions: Reduce to 350,000 t-CO2 by FY 2023
FY 2020 result : 401,580t-CO2

Target: Annual industrial waste emissions:1% reduction versus the previous sales year (vis-à-vis sales) (FY 2030: 19.08 kg/million yen)
FY 2020 result : 3.1% reduction (compared to FY 2019)

Target: Ensure that all facilities are lit by LED 100%
FY2020 result : 38.1% (on a business location basis)

Specific Topics

  • Environmental management
  • Reduce CO2 emissions by reinforcing controls on climate change
  • Provide logistics technologies and services with low environmental impact
  • Strengthen adaptive capacity and resilience in the face of climate change 
  • Promote resource recycling
  • Protect terrestrial and marine ecosystems

Environmental initiatives in Nippon Express Group

To comply to the European Energy Directive (EED) Nippon Express (Nederland) B.V. adopted the Dutch "CO2 performance ladder" (CO2 prestatieladder) standard and developed a plan to reduce its CO2 footprint and energy consumption.
As a member of the Nippon Express Group this plan follows our corporate goals: 30% reduction on CO2 emission and all warehouses and offices light by LED in 2030.
We report our progression annually via the "CO2 progress and energy action plan report".

For more information about the CO2 performance ladder standard as well as the foundation that manages it please visit the website: https://www.skao.nl/en

We also became member of the "Club van 49" in order to share knowledge and ideas with other companies with the target to reduce the CO2 emitting.We also wish to share the best practices how to reduce the consumption of fossile fuels.Fore more information about this initiative please visit the website: https://clubvan49.nl/ (Dutch only)