Environmental Charter

Basic Philosophy

The Nippon Express Group shall be mindful of its responsibilities as a corporate group to society and the general public, and shall proactively contribute to environmental conservation as a “good corporate citizen” by practicing environmental management.

Code of Conduct

Recognizing that preservation of the Earth’s environment is a challenge facing all mankind as well as an indispensable requirement for our Group’s existence and activities, we shall independently and proactively strive to fight global warming, preserve biodiversity and construct a recycling-based society.

1. We will promote green logistics.

We will decrease our burden on the environment through the curtailment of harmful greenhouse gases by practicing environmentally-friendly logistics.
We will work to develop environmentally-friendly logistics products, services and packaging.

2. We will work to more efficiently use natural resources and energy.

We will work to construct a recycling-based society by promoting the 3Rs and the conservation of energy and resources.
We will expand our use of renewable energies.
We will support our customers’ efforts toward building a recycling-based society.

3. We will adhere to environmental laws and ordinances.

We will comply fully with the Act on the Rational Use of Energy, municipal ordinances and all other environmental laws.

4. We will train environmental personnel.

We will develop personnel with environment-oriented mindsets who will practice strategic environmental management.
We will cultivate environmental personnel through environmental education and preservation initiatives.

5. We will promote an environmental social action programme.

We will work to contribute to society in the areas of environmental preservation and environmental education of future generations.

6. We will report information about our environmental initiatives to society.

We will work to communicate with society and proactively submit information concerning environmental initiatives.

7. We will continually improve upon our environmental management system.

We will create a Group-wide environmental management system and strive to enhance its functions.
We will continually improve upon our efforts toward the environment and strive for successful environmental management.